Camelina Catch Cover Crop

Camelina Company’s short-cycle varieties can be grown as a catch cover crop (CCC). The cultivation approach relies on sowing immediately after the harvest, replacing a fallow land period or a cover crop with a camelina CCC with harvest possibility before the next main crop sowing. If the conditions are not met for harvest, camelina will have performed as an excellent cover crop.

Unique camelina varieties

Short cycle

< 90 days

Production costs

Similar to cover crop

with harvest possibility

Crop destruction

If not harvested,

similar to cover crop

New Farmer solution

“Regulation and Subsidies: both Cover Crops and Camelina Catch Cover Crop allow complying with existing environmental regulation, including the Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC) and CAP Greening (Pillar 1).”